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We understand that small businesses can be hesitant to engage in marketing campaigns, as they often require a unique, creative approach. This process, while necessary, takes time, creativity and money.

For that reason, many small businesses avoid marketing campaigns in favour of conserving their cash flow.

Luckily, there are a bunch of low-cost and no-cost options that can help you get the ball rolling. These steps help your business meet the minimum requirements to help you start marketing your business on the web. We call these fundamentals.

Our digital marketing partners at have provided some helpful tips to help out help small businesses get started. Expert fundamental marketing should always be the preferred solution. However, plenty of businesses benefit from setting these simple steps in motion and level up their marketing, one step at a time.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a simple yet effective way to reengage past customers and we would strongly recommend every business finds a way to incorporate email marketing into their sales process…

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Create a Google My Business listing

This should have been one of the first things you did when your business opened, but if you haven’t, it’s never too late…

Take advantage of offers

If you’ve got a Google My Business listing but no Google Ads account, Google will probably send you an introductory offer at some point to entice you onto the platform, and these can run anywhere up to $150 of free credit…

Turn your customers into your advocates

Here’s some interesting stats for you: customers referred by a friend are 3-4 times more likely to buy, and 67% of potential customers are more likely to buy a product that they have seen family or friends using on social media…

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