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Jigsoar Media was created to offer easy-to-follow Online Marketing Courses to businesses that are motivated to succeed. Jigsoar’s flagship SUMMMIT workshop is designed to help motivated, busy business owners create effective marketing campaigns that will grow your business.

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Working with WPS is always a pleasure, I love the way we bounce and brainstorm ideas for the most effective marketing for every client.

The high level communication and consideration from a technical and design perspective they put into every job gives a better outcome and ensure the process is smooth from the outset.

Vanessa Allen
Director, Adhesive Communication

The Solution

To allow users a detailed, but easy-to-follow experience, we assisted Jigsoar in creating workshops that offer step-by-step information and questionnaires.  This allows users to work through the course at their own speed and pickup where they left off.


  • Ecommerce with subscription-based memberships
  • Track progress and provide feedback to users
  • Drip fed course access and reminders

Responsive Design

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