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Borderless Magazine is reimagining immigration journalism for a more just and equitable future.  A Chicago-based, member-supported newsroom, Borderless is working to dismantle racist and harmful media coverage of immigrants, ensuring immigrants and people of colour are better represented in newsrooms.

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There’s no other team I’d trust with building the website for our publication, which we’ve built from the ground up and poured ourselves into.

The WPS staff cared as much as we did that everything was just right. They listened to us and our needs and helped map out a site that met our priorities and let our work shine. 

Michelle Kanaar
Art Director & Cofounder, Borderless Magazine

The Solution

Freedom to mix and match content without design or code experience was a key requirement for the Borderless Magazine Team.  We focused on ease-of-use and time-saving solutions, while still providing flexible templates with as much page layout customisation as the the Borderless editors could handle.


  • Flexibility and simplicity for featured and recommended stories
  • Improved management of translations
  • Meeting Google News requirements
  • Optimized image compression without quality loss

& Responsive

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