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It is difficult to believe that we are already closing out the first month of 2020 already!  While some are still enjoying an extended break, like most, you find your team planning the next 3, 6 or 12 months.

So how are your plans shaping up so far?  Are you mostly recycling last year’s plans?  Or are you looking for some fresh avenues to explore and improve your business.

At Wynnes Professional Services, we are focusing on developing efficiency through strategy for 2020!  We have exciting plans for our business growth in the design, marketing and HR realm and want to share a few tips to help you achieve your business goals for the year.

Tips For Running Your Business Smoothly

Reconsider The “Us Verse Them” Mentality

Too often employers will say, “they should be grateful that they have a job”. However, good managers understand that it works both ways.  Employers should also be grateful when they have employees that support them and want to help their business succeed.

Your business will be better off, when employees and managers work together and are contributing as a team, instead of against each other.  By showing simple measures of kindness, like a day off for employees on their birthday, a get well soon basket if your employee is ill or a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the work that the employee is doing, goes a long way.

Another simple measure of kindness, is to show your employees that you value them by revamping their position description and ensuring it fits their current day to day work duties.  By revamping their position description, it can show the employees positive attributes as well as outlining how and where to grow within your business for the employee.

Represent Purpose

Walk the talk and set your purpose in stone. It is always important during the hiring and onboarding stages that you represent your company and your purpose.  Not only will it show that you are passionate about your role, but with that passion it will show why your business is one of the best places to work at.  Think of it as the individuals become your business brand.

Employees who display your company values and purpose, become an employee who is loyal and displays the same passion as yourself.  One way you can represent your purpose is through your HR essentials, such as the policies, contracts, position descriptions and KPIs.

Reskilling And Productivity

Reskilling and productivity is more important than ever and similar to reflecting kindness, it can go a long way within the team.  By identifying gaps in the workforce, such as lack of leaderships skills in management or technical skills in operational staff, you can increase productivity.  Managers and HR should work together to conduct job analysis, revamp position descriptions to fit each employee’s role and maximise their potential with internal or external training.

Continuous performance management can be seen as micromanaging, but as positions continue to become more autonomous and diversifying, managers should not be bottlenecking and should be seen as an enabler.  Employees in 2020, regardless of their job function, will be expected to get hands on as soon as possible, putting additional pressure on HR to get new hires onboarded as fast as possible.

So why put off HR tasks any longer?  Embrace the opportunity to maximise productivity and have your business running smoothly.  Speak with Olivia today to help revise and develop your Human Resource essentials.

Tips For Driving More Business

Combining Data And Creativity

Chances are your company’s website is due for a minor or major overhaul this year.  Focusing on a design that is “modern” and “interactive” is where every website brief begins.  Of course, interesting visuals are important, but the most important facets of a website that are often overlooked are user navigation and targeted content.  These are the facets of your website that provide your customers with relatable messaging and clear direction through to checkout or enquiry in the product or service you provide.

How do you establish your target?  Simply by collecting and analysing data.

What type of data should you collect?  Everything, provided it provides insight to lead generation.  You do not need to know every personal detail about your potential customers, but it pays to keep track of the avenue they took to find you, and how they chose to contact you or purchase from you.  From there you can focus on improving the customer experience in those areas.

We offer our clients a breakdown of how they are performing in their preffered digital spaces.  These reports are condensed results of statistics collected from their website analytics, search engine performance, social accounts, digital newsletters and third-party advertising options (both digital and traditional).  Once the data has been analysed, it becomes clear where time and money is being effectively spent.  This will then free up resources, allowing for new and more suitable avenues to be explored.

It also pays to set goals for the year based on past results.  Look closely at your analytics across all platforms and determine your annual performance.  By using the previous year’s data, you can plan ahead and set realistic goals, allowing you to build on your efforts over the past 12 months.

Be An Active Content Provider

Engage with viewers, by utilizing a variety of mailouts and social posts that are relevant, and most of all useful, to your market.

There are many different methods of providing content about your business, including: blogs, social media, newsletters, editorials and even Google business listings.  Providing information that your clients and prospective clients are interested in reading, will draw traffic back to your website and attention to your brand.

Capturing a readers attention with a relatable article or entertaining post, will create more opportunities to provide a call to action and initiate your enquiry or sales funnel.

Ensure Your Website Is Optimised For Mobile Devices

Potential customers will become frustrated if their website experience is not fluid on their mobile device.  Luckily, with responsive templates and dynamic Content Management Systems, you no longer need to build a separate template for mobile-readiness.  Through experienced design and content management we are able to provide our clients with an easy-to-manage page editor that allows them to control the content for all devices.

Remember, people love the convenience of their phones and tablets, so make sure you are capturing all potential leads.

These are just some of the tips that we have to offer to help kickstart your business plans for 2020.

We will have many more useful tips and updates to share throughout the year, so make sure you sign up to receive our updates.

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